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Oriental Blooms Wall Plates- Set of 5

Oriental Blooms Wall Plates- Set of 5

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About Oriental Art:

The art form of Oriental Blooms wall plates draws inspiration from the rich cultural heritage of East Asia, particularly from countries like Japan, and Korea. Oriental art encompasses a wide range of artistic styles, including traditional Japanese woodblock prints, and Korean porcelain art.

This art form has a history dating back thousands of years, with each country developing its unique artistic traditions and techniques. Oriental art often features nature-inspired motifs, delicate brushwork, harmonious compositions, and a balance between simplicity and intricacy.


Product Description:

The Oriental Blooms wall plates showcases the timeless beauty and elegance of East Asian art. Each plate is a stunning example of the essence of Oriental aesthetics.

These wall plates feature delicate floral designs and birds, graceful brushstrokes, and harmonious color palettes that evoke a sense of serenity and tranquility. Crafted with attention to detail and using high-quality materials, these plates are designed to be durable and visually captivating.

The Oriental Blooms wall plates set  presents a collection of different designs and sizes, each showcasing a unique floral arrangement or motif. The plates exude a sense of grace and sophistication, bringing a touch of East Asian artistry to your home decor.



  • Gift Box packaging
  • Made of High Quality Metal with Rustproof coating
  • High resolution Digital Enamel Prints on Metal
  • Hook at the back to hang easily 
  • Contents and Size: 5 wall plates:  1 Wall Plate of 12 Inches diameter, 2 Wall Plates of 10 Inches diameter and 2 Wall Plates of 8 Inches diameter
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