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Lotus Loban Lamp I Dhoop Dani | Dhuni

Lotus Loban Lamp I Dhoop Dani | Dhuni

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 Introducing the Lotus Loban Lamp, a mesmerizing fusion of traditional Indian craftsmanship and aromatic elegance.

Crafted from premium brass, the Lotus Loban Lamp serves as an aromatic haven for your favorite incense. Simply place a fragrant loban or other incense cones on the built-in holder, light it, and watch as the delicate smoke gracefully dances through the intricate lotus petals. The result is a captivating visual display and a heavenly fragrance that permeates your surroundings.

Not only does this lamp add a touch of spiritual and cultural charm to any space, but it also doubles as a home fragrance and meditation aid. Let its soft glow and fragrant embrace transform your meditation room into a serene sanctuary, enhancing your practice and promoting a sense of tranquility.

It also keeps insects away and fills the house with positive energy. It is easy perfect for doing "Dhuni" in your entire house. 



    • Material: Made in pure brass, lacquered to ensure a long lasting finish and durability
    • Size: 4 x 4 Inches
    • Includes one Loban Lamp
    • Premium Gift box packaging
    • Directions to Use: Place an incense cone or a loban cup in the loban, light it, and cover it with the lid. After heating, the incense will release a fragrant aroma which will create a soothing and calm environment in your home.
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