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Vintage India Wall Plates - Set of 3

Vintage India Wall Plates - Set of 3

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About the Art Inspiration:

The Vintage India wall plates celebrates the rich cultural heritage and artistic traditions of India. This art form draws inspiration from the diverse and vibrant history of the country, incorporating elements from various regions, eras, and artistic styles.

Product Description:

Explore our exquisite collection of decorative wall plates, featuring unique and artisan designs. Elevate your home decor with handcrafted wall accents that effortlessly blend contemporary style with timeless elegance. Discover modern and customized options to make a statement in every room. Transform your walls into a showcase of personalized artistry with our designer switch plates.

Styling Tips:

Mix and Match Designs: Combine various plate designs for visual interest. Mix colors, patterns, and shapes to add a dynamic touch to your wall.

Consider Scale: Vary the sizes of wall plates to create a sense of balance. Larger plates can serve as anchor pieces, while smaller ones add detail.

Choose a Theme: Create a cohesive look by selecting wall plates that follow a specific theme, such as nature, abstract art, or cultural motifs.

Coordinate with Colors: Choose wall plates that complement or contrast with your wall color for a harmonious look.

    • Made of High Quality Metal
    • High resolution Digital Prints
    • Hook at the back to hang easily
    • Contents for Set of 3 Pieces: 1 Wall Plate of 12 Inches diameter, 1 Wall Plate of 10 Inches diameter and 1 Wall Plate of 8 Inches diameter
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